artist statement

Social media livestream videos of Instagram influencers are at the heart of this body of work. Through video, sound, photography, digital paintings, poetry and sculptures the work examines the relationship between sub-cultural borderline scenes on the margins of social media and their influence on mainstream culture. The stronger the influence the deeper it absorbs, thus blurring the lines between the edges and the center. This ongoing movement makes traditional demarcations obsolete while signifying the change of guards.Limited by community guidelines, self documentation on social media challenges conventional perceptions of language, sexuality, eroticism, beauty, body image, freedom of expression and the current wave of feminism. However, the scene of non-conventional livestream videos on social media also clarifies that the technological revolution only gave limited power to the people. The power moving the technological era is fully controlled by big tech companies with data and content as its fuel. Content creators merely serve as extras while tech leaders keep the old order. This work shows how Influencers turn followers into income and models livestream erotic videos on social media while the networks dictate strict rules of censorship.  Sex as an economic system of power is making use of digital platforms in the 21st Century. 

Sexily posing in front of their phones, while having a real time dialogue with their followers–alongside a constant stream of emojis, abbreviations and slang language–is so groundbreaking that social media models should be regarded as contemporary avant-garde artists. 

Referencing art history, philosophy, linguistics, sociology and pop culture, this work is about the ways in which social media and its tools redefine aesthetics while challenging the discourse.